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Wauchope Country Club offers two first class bowling greens.

Visitors are most welcome for competitions & roll ups on most days.

Looking for something different for your next event, function or fun day out? Barefoot Bowls might be just what you’re looking for!

Mondays - Mixed Bowls

Wednesdays - Men's Bowls

Thursday Mornings - Women's Bowls

Friday - Men's Bowls

Saturday Mornings -Women's Bowls

Saturday Afternoons- Men's Bowls

First Sunday of the month- Travelling Bowlers




1:00 pm Mens triples, single entries only, names by 12 noon.

Dress: mufti. 

6:00pm Men’s twilight nominated triples, names by 5:00pm.

(During Summer only)

Dress: mufti


1:00 pm Mens nominated pairs, names by 12 noon.

Single entries taken but game not guaranteed.

Dress: mufti


Refer to club notice board.

President: Kevin Pampling

Vice Presidents: Allen Lewis, Paul Harrison, Peter Mcleod

Secretary: Graham Scaysbrook

Treasurer: Ian Hackney

Organiser: Adrian Samuelsson

Pennant Selectors: Paul Harrison, Ian Hackney, Lester Thurgate

Committee: Peter Ostler, Sonny Hackney, Terry Colenso, Rosie Ansley, Rick Simpson




9:00 am Women's triples/pairs, single entries only, names by 8:00 am. 

Dress: club uniform or approved Bowls Australia (“BA”) clothing


9:00 am Women's triples/pairs, single entries only, names by 8:00 am. 

Dress: club uniform or approved Bowls Australia (“BA”) clothing

President: Doris McKinnon

Vice President: Heather Bartlett

Secretary: Glenda Elford

Treasurer: Marie Winter

Social Secretary: Heather Bartlett

Match / Selection: Rosie Ansley, Sue Petterson,

Lil Allen

General Committee: Pat Coombes,  Glenda Elford, Marie Winter, Rosie Ansley




  • mixed gender and mixed skills

  • single entry with teams chosen before play


During Winter:   afternoon start at 1:00 pm , names by 12 noon.

During Summer:  twilight start at 5pm, names in by 4pm


Dress: mixed bowls shirt and/or mufti, bowls can be provided

Always a delight to score a treat

  • chocolates for touchers

  • random winners, runners-up, and even LUCKY LOSERS!!!

  • raffles and jackpot draw


All enjoyed after the game in the air-conditioned comfort of the wonderful Country Club.


Come along let us help you join in with the fun, bring a friend and you are sure to make new ones!!


President: Beth Gabriel

Vice Presidents: David Woodlands

Secretary: Ian Gabriel

Treasurer: Martin Greenfield

Social Officer: Marie Winter

Committee: Ted Gisby, Carol Higgins

Welfare: Pam Dures


First Saturday of the Month

9:30 am Mens Travelling Bowlers, (“Ferals”). Triples, single entries only, names by 9:00 am. 


Dress: mufti

President: Lester Thurgate

Vice President: Graham Gillard

Secretary: Jono Debreceny

Treasurer: Graham Gillard

Committee: Martin Loane, Bryan Donkin, Paul Thomas,

Peter McDonald, Roger O'Neill, Albie Schroder

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